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Jeff Maas – American Citizen
Vice President & International Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Maas, joined NickCery Conglomerate, Inc. in March 2013 and was serving as International Chief Operating Officer. Prior to accepting his current position as Vice President in charge of International Chief Operating Officer,   Jeff was the Owner & President of OpenBIT Services Inc. 
OpenBIT Services provides geospatial solutions to municipalities in the state Florida and Jeff’s main focus was integrating geospatial data with Business Information Technologies such as asset management programs, online mapping/reporting tools and location based services.  In 1999, Mr. Maas, was a Senior Programmer Analyst at Tensing SKS USA and worked as a contract employer for Delta Nutsbedrijsven, in Middleburg, Netherlands.

Mr. Maas’ main objective was to simplify the application development process for Delta’s geospatial users that created and maintained their Electric, Gas, Water and Cable TV infrastructure.  Mr. Maas also has 5 years of experience building customer relationships and managing enterprise geospatial projects acting as Project Manager for Woolpert Inc and BaySys Technologies.

Philip M. LISINGE,  British – American Citizen
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Philip joined NickCery Conglomerate, Inc.  In 2007 as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of NickCery, Inc. He currently serves as Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer and is a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Philip worked with EPS Healthcare Services, Inc. in Houston as Chief Financial Officer, H & R Block in Houston as Income Tax Consultant, Global Torch of Life, Inc. in Houston as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Financial Analyst/Accountant and with Scott and Drake in London as Senior Accountant.

Philip is holder of a Master’s of Science degree in Strategic Business Administration from the University of Houston-Victoria; USA. He is a Chartered Certified Accounting trained in London with Financial Training School (Kaplan Financial) where he graduated and successfully passed the highly recognized ACCA examination and became recognized by the reputable Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), based in the United Kingdom. He is also a financial expert with Practical Training Certification in Finance and Computerized Accounting, PTAP – London – UK. He is also a holder of a Certification in Taxation and Auditing from the Kaplan Financial/PTAP – London – UK.
Philip is a goals-oriented individual with great leadership skills. He believes in using rational persuasion and inspirational appeal to channel his message across the board. A devoted, determined, disciplined, and dedicated chartered certified accountant whose knowledge of accounting and finance has taken him to many continents of the world.

Jeff R. Kelly – American Citizen
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer – For Global Operations.

Jeff, is the Chief Operating Officer of NickCery Conglomerate Inc, North & Central America bringing a distinguished career of more than 29 years in the Safety services industry to the company.

Prior to joining NickCery Conglomerate Inc, Jeff served in an executive management capacity at safety training companies including Willbros, Pride, Barseno oil,Halliburton,Psn and Araco oil ltd.

Jeff, started his career at Electronic Data Systems after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He holds a Bachelors of Safety degree in engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Florida, and is a member of the Board of director for the Fairfield College School and a member of the Council for Annual Giving for the U.S. Academy Foundation.

Louie YOUNG - British Citizen
Vice President, Business & Contracts
Europe & Africa zone

Louie T. YOUNG joined NickCery Group in November 1980 and was elected Senior Vice President and General Counsel of NickCery Group, Inc. Mr. YOUNG served previously as outside counsel to the Company advising on contracts since 1993. Between 1980 and 1993.

Louie, was employed by Occidental Petroleum Corporation where he served as an officer and chief legal counsel to various business units in Occidental’s oil and gas division, both domestically and internationally in Colombia, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Before entering into private practice in 1993, Mr. YOUNG’s last position with Occidental was Vice President and General Counsel of Island Creek Corporation in Lexington, Kentucky. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California and earned a Degree of Juris Doctor from the University of California at Berkeley.
Katherine Peterson – American Citizen
Vice President & QHSE Director For Global Operations

Katherine, has spent most of her career as a highly-HSE equity research analyst covering the oil and gas sector. For the eight years prior to 2002, she was a Managing Director at H.H.PETROLEUM and co-head of their global oil and gas team.
Prior to the switch to equities in 1989, she worked for the oil industry consultants FORTIS (where her coverage included West Africa), and before that in the specialist oil and gas B&Z team at QUATAS. She has a degree in Loigistics from the University of Cambridge.

Cinthia Campos – American Citizen
Administrative & Communication Officer

Cinthiais a virulentmarketing specialist with great specialization in specialist product promotion and branding enhancement. She works as Administrative & Communication officer with NickCery Conglomerate Inc.

Prior to joining NickCery Conglomerate Inc., Cinthia worked as a Marketing specialist for C.U.T.E Company, Tip Top Cleaners, Ice at Discovery Green and New York & Co.

She is a graduate of the MacArthur High School.



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