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NOIAA strikes an important deal with SGS Cameroon SA

 NOIAA International Safety Training Plc, Africa Operations, Head Office, base in (Victoria)Limbe-Cameroon, which is a subsidiary of NOIAA Conglomerate, Inc. Base in 6250 west park dr. (suite 218) Houston, Texas 77057 USA, just signed one of its biggest on/offshore Safety Training contract with SGS Société Générale SA.

Employees of SGS will be trained by NOIAA International Safety Training Plc in the fields of Basic Offshore Safety Industry Emergency Training (BOSIET), Sea Survival and International Minimum Industry Safety Training(IMIST).

The SGS Group has been present in Cameroon since 1987 and employs more than 200 people through two distinct entities:

SGS liaison office, a representation of SGS Societe Generale SA (Geneva, Switzerland), which since 1988 has remained Cameroon's privileged partner in the service of the government, working to boost the economy, facilitate trade and at the disposal of adapted services within the framework of the control of imports. Increasing and securing customs revenues, facilitating trade are the key words of action taken by SGS, under the direction of the ministry of finance.

SGS Cameroon SA, a subsidiary of the SGS group, established in 1987 and located in Douala, where it offers strategic services in the fields of agriculture, oil, gas, petrochemicals, industry and certification. Today, more than 90 employees provide SGS services throughout the country.

SGS Cameroon SA has set up an industrial division to provide technical services to companies in order to carry out production and operating activities in a safe environment.

This division of SGS Cameroon SA is responsible for ensuring safety by:

• regulatory and technical control of pressure equipment, lifting equipment and electrical installations;

• implementation of non-destructive testing (radiography, magnetos copy, penetrant testing, ultrasound);

• consultancy and training provided by certified and certified consultants;

• control of electrical installations;

• control of gas and steam pressure apparatus;

• inspection of drilling equipment;

• pipeline inspection and control;

• training and qualification of welders.

Petroleum, gas and chemical services

SGS Cameroon SA offers a wide range of inspection, control and analysis services to the petroleum and petrochemical industry. SGS Cameroon SA also carries out quality control and monitoring of the condition of lubricated engines and machines: analyzes of in-service oils, lubricants and fuels.

SGS Cameroon SA with its international status and well involved in safety and environmental awareness, knows the value of getting its workers trained by an internationally accredited institute, thus decided to take advantage of the NOIAA - Atlas-OPITO accreditation. Where delegates will be trained for two-four days and handed certificates of course completion, success cards and work permits which are international recognized to work in the different domains for which they are employed.

SGS Cameroon SA and NOIAA International Safety Training Plc. Africa Operations, Sales & Marketing Office, Douala-Cameroon.

                                                                       Signing of Contract.

The management of NOIAA was pleased to pen off the contract saying this will go a long way to foster its partnership with SGS in other domains.

During the signing of this important contracts between the two top managements of both companies, Mr. Chris YOK, NOIAA International Safety Training Plc., and Mr. W. FLOTTES DE POUZOLS, General Manager of SGS Cameroon S.A. The President & Chief Executive Officer of NOIAA International Safety Training Plc., Africa Operations, Head office, said, that his company has invested close to 5.5 Billion Franc CFA in Cameroon alone and that his company vision for Africa and Cameroon in general is to make Africa be in the same level of Safety like France, Germany, Canada, United States, Australia and the UK where he comes from, where everybody goes to work and return home safely to celebrate with his/her family.

Mr. Elliot SYCAMORE, NOIAA International Safety Training Plc, Executive Operations Manager for Africa operations said, he has no doubts seeing new contracts coming in as he has been a part of NOIAA for very close to 4 years and he trust and believes in the company because of the modern equipment in the Training Centre, he is managing and he is expecting new contracts every month. We are happy to be providing OPITO IMIST training to West Africa and he is expecting many companies to be taking advantage of this newly available training,


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