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NOIAA just Trained a Team of Petrochad in Confined Space Rescue Team Member.

 NOIAA International Safety Training Plc, which is a subsidiary of NOIAA Conglomerate, Inc. base in 6250 West Park Dr. (Suite 218) Houston, Texas 77057 USA. has just trained participants amongst which we had expatriates and locals of Petrochad (Mangara), A Glencore Company, with main office in the capital of the Republic of Chad. The training was conceived in preparation for a planned maintenance shutdown at the Badila installation.

 Petrochad (Mangara), A Glencore Company, believes that, Confined spaces pose specific hazards to those working in the full range of industrial environments. Rescue teams that are tasked with performing confined space technical rescues must also have the appropriate training to meet their operational need. It is in view of this that Petrochad (Mangara), A Glencore Company, requested a training session with NOIAA International Safety Plc. that falls within their 4-year signed training contract. This training took place from the 3rd to the 5th of January 2017 and will continue through till 2018.

NOIAA International Safety Training Plc. offers a range of confined space courses, at all levels, from awareness, through to gas monitoring, rescue technician, and instructor level. NIST instructors draw upon years of experience and training to impart this specialized knowledge, to internationally recognized standards.

Mr. Elliot SYCAMORE, Executive, Operations & Training Manager, who hails from New Zealand with over 30 years of experience in On/offshore safety trainings, who doubles as the Executive, Operations & Trainingg Manager of NOIAA International Safety Training Plc., carried out the training which held at the Badila installation in Chad for Petrochad (Mangara), A Glencore Company.

Mr. Elliot SYCAMORE, Executive, Operations & Training Manager, added these sobering facts;

“Confined Space Rescue Teams need to be onsite with a well thought out rescue plan before Confined Space work begins.”

“After 4 minutes a confined space rescue often becomes a body recovery, so this training is vitally important”

“An estimated 60% of all confined space fatalities are rescuers, mostly due to a lack of proper training”

He also went on to say;

“Petrochad (Mangara), A Glencore Company, has an excellent team of staff, who realize the seriousness of the job at hand, and take training of their staff seriously. The SCBA sets and the oxygen filling system where some of the best I have seen, for this I must commend Glencore”.

This is what one of the delegates had to say;

"I have been doing work in confined space and always had the impression I was doing everything correctly, until I had to take this course with your company. Your trainer demonstrated a great sense of expertise.

The course was informative and spiced by the videos we watched that enhanced the understanding of the subject matter. During the Training, I could immediately pick out those things I was doing wrong in the past. With this, I can now work in a confined space safely. I look forward to our company utilizing your services for all our future trainings. Thanks for your great services rendered to our company"



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