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A word from the President & CEO

A word from the President & CEO

A new dawn is here; one hope and assurance. It is a hope in our mutual prosperity in terms of good health. Commendable safety and responsible engagement with our environment; but also, an assurance in the fact that our continued mutually beneficial relationship is the surest means towards the realization of this hope.

2016 was marked by many challenges and yet many great accomplishments. The difficulties with the Oil and Gas sector also took their toll on us- with one very undesirable corollary being the laying off of some of our employees. However, the greatness of 2016 lay precisely in your belief in our unrivalled pride of place, by your distinguished collaboration with us. For all these, we are deeply gratified. You can bear testimony to the wondrous fruits of continued loyalty to us to make the next level by reinforcing our commitment to excellence and professionalism. We plan to partnering with institutions training young engineers in various fields to assist them in providing superior quality training in Health, Safety and Environment related issues. In fact, we are committed to building a culture of safety by carrying out safety training for young people right down to the primary school level.

Verily, we have done much. With your continued collaboration, we can do much more; and we hope to do much more. We can rise to the challenges of the dynamic demands of the changing times. We can further consolidate our leadership position in the provision of HSEQ services. We are poised to make your relationship with us this 2017 worth your while. Keep choosing NOIAA. Keep Choosing an enviable future.

Rose Baboule - President & CEO

Elliot Sycamore - General Manager




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