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PERENCO has operated in Cameroon since 1993, working as a close partner to the National Oil Company, SNH.  As a responsible operator, PERENCO is proud to be a partner of choice and to maintain the highest safety and environmental standards. Every day, they watch over the health and safety of their teams by following a simple principle: SAFETY FIRST.

Travelling to and fro offshore installations is often done by helicopter, which is one of the fastest means of transportation. The need to safeguard lives which is so primordial for the continual running of business activities was greatly demonstrated by the PERENCO by  sending in those involved in travelling offshore to undergo HUET safety course and gain knowledge of the survival techniques used for evacuation if a helicopter lands uncontrolled on dry land or  on water.


On the 16th of October and 13th November 2015, NOIAA International Safety Training Plc carried out another HUET session for 11 of PERENCO CAMEROON staff. The theory and practical phase of the training took place in our Limbe multipurpose training center, based in Limbola .

The trainees who took part in the course were satisfied with the lessons learned at the end of the course, they expressed the quality and standard of training was good. Their only regret being the fact that they would have wanted the course to go on for 2days other than the 1day they were booked in for. They made it clear that NOIAA International Safety Training Plc is a recommendable place for all oil and gas companies working offshore for quality safety training.


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