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Halliburton S.A.S signed a Four years BOSIET Training contract with NickCery

Halliburton S.A.S finally signed a Four years BOSIET Training contract with NickCery International Safety Training Plc. in the delivery of offshore training courses. “The relationship between these two companies started far back in 2009”, as NickCery has some other onshore safety training contracts with Halliburton SAS said Mr. Elliot SYCAMORE, the Chief Operating Officer of NickCery Conglomerate, Inc. and QHSE & Training Manager for NickCery International Safety Training Plc., which is a subsidiary of the mother company NickCery Conglomerate, Inc.

I have visited the newly built offshore training Centre of NickCery International Safety Training Plc. in the south west region of Cameroon, which is about 75 kilometers away from Douala and believe me, l was so impressed after seeing their equipment for they are modern. l am very grateful for the investment done by this company, l can’t compare this training center with others.
Honestly, speaking this is unbelievable, l couldn’t ever believe we could have this type of modern training center in Africa as a whole, l am so overwhelm.


NickCery international Training Center once more had the privileged to undergo another BOSIET ( Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training), this time with Halliburton  Cameroon staff. Halliburton, founded in 1919, is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. They have an ongoing contract with NickCery international Safety Training in the delivery of BOSIET training and other basic offshore trainings signed recently on the 29th of June 2015.
During the training session that was carried out in Limbe, running from July 16th to 18th, animated by the QHSE manager and Vice President himself, Mr. Elliot Sycamore and some support staff, Halliburton participants came out more than satisfied after the training session with the following fruitful phrases;

  • Mrs. NJIKAM, Juliana PEGHOE put it all in a simple phrase ‘The course material was excellent, delivery excellent, instructors and all facilities meant for practical optimum’.


  • Mr. OWONA Joseph who was at his 3rd BOSIET course said he had acquired extra knowledge on sea survival and Helicopter underwater escape training in Nickcery than before and will recommend NickCery International Safety Training to all who go working on platform installations.
  • CHE ALAIN summarized his experience and time spent in NickCery International Safety Training undergoing the BOSIET course as ‘exceptional and good with a team ready to take them to the top in terms of excellent training”.



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