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Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC, Positive Feedback and Satisfaction

I received positive feedback and satisfaction from my colleagues, who recently returned from  NOIAA training Centre, where they participated in their first ever BOSIET training and believe me,  I am happy. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with NOIAA, I did serious investigation and equally made sure everything was right by being part of the audit visits that preceded the important decision to have Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC,  deal with NOIAA’ said Mr. Jean Ajoumissi, Head of Safety & Environment at Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC.

All trainees who participated in the training session expressed how comfortable and at home they felt in the vicinity of NOIAA training center and said the place is a recommendable training environment for all persons of all works of life, most especially those working On/offshore. The delegates were also impressed with the high level and specifications of the equipment used throughout the training with one of the participants in particular, expressing the ‘wow’ effect after use of the Emergency Breathing System (EBS) underwater inside the full sized and inverted helicopter simulator during crash simulation exercises.

I wouldn’t doubt their comments said Mr. SYCAMORE, NOIAA’s Chief Operating Officer / QHSE & Training Boss, I helped deliver this BOSIET training myself as I wanted to be sure that the training was effective and above all safe, safety of our delegates being our number one priority. One member of the Addax delegation made the comment that our staff at the newly built training Centre were “the happiest & friendliest team of people that she had ever worked with”. Which I think means that we are fulfilling our role in making delegates that come to us feel as comfortable as possible during their training, which can at times be very physically as well as mentally demanding.



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