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A new training with Perenco Cameroon S.A


Perenco Cameroon S.A, start off their ever biggest Safety contract with NOIAA LTD., which is a subsidiary of NOIAA LTD. base in 6250 West Park Dr.(Suite 281) Houston Texas 77057 USA.
The contract holds for an estimated one thousand participants beginning with Gesture & Posture Training. NOIAA President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chris YOK said that the relationship between NOIAA and Perenco had been a long one built over time, however this new contract marks the beginning of a partnership of great significance between the two companies whereby a relationship built upon mutual trust and respect had finally started to blossom into a real commitment towards valuing employee training, thereby empowering the company with knowledgeable and committed staff.
Mr. YOK also stated that this type of contract followed a trend of the larger offshore companies forming long term bonds with NOIAA as the company gathers momentum at its branch here in Cameroon, after recently completing its multi-million dollar Offshore Training Facility in (Victoria) Limbe.
NOIAA’s Chief Operating Officer for Africa, Mr. SYCAMORE said that he was impressed by the insight and long term goals held by Perenco in choosing to train so many of their staff thereby investing in the future of not only their company but also the future of their many employees taking part in the training, all in the face of a lot of companies out there in our industry trying to cut costs, unable or unwilling to look at the bigger picture. Personally, I think that Perenco should be applauded for their wisdom.


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