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PetroChad ( Mangara) A Glencore Company


NOIAA LTD., which is a subsidiary of NOIAA LTD., based in 6250 West Park Dr, Suite 218, Houston Texas 77057 USA,

NOIAA has just trained another set of 84 participants amongst which we had 29expatriates and locals of PetroChad (Mangara) A Glencore Company with main office based in Ndjamena capital of the Republic of Chad.

Mr. Elliot SYCAMORE, Executive QHSE & Training Manager and Ms. Linda NGOIN, who is Training Coordinator of NOIAA LTD., carried out the training which held in three  different regions of Chad namely NDJAMENA, MANGARA and BADILA,  Elliot said "I decided to go to Chad and do this particular training myself  because the client requested for the CV’s of all our trainers as they said they were looking for a special kind of trainer able to teach extreme off-road driving techniques, crossing deep water and using winches and being versed with driving all sorts of vehicles(heavy duty),l understood what was requested by the client and l think l have satisfied them, the Defensive Driving training requested after included Off Road training modules and l have worked and trained in forest companies in New Zealand, Australia, India, Indonesia and Bhutan".

This is not an easy training to deliver, particularly to expats as the delegates range from absolute beginners to those of high skills who had previously had Land Rover off road training in U.K. and some even Anti-Terrorist High Speed Evasion training. Although all said and done at the end of the day, I think it was fair to say that everybody was able to take something useful home from this training.

See comment of one of the trainees below.

Marcel Therrien NSCO, MSC,BSC,ALCM,CD.HSE, Loss Control Advisor
The active QHSE manager and a professional in the HSE milieu for over 25years, who has trained workers in the following companies where he either worked or served as a consultant; Schlumberger  Chad, Glencore Canada, Chad,North America, USA, Glasgow and the list goes on.


After having experienced being part of the off road training session with NOIAA ( Defensive driving on Laterite roads) for Expatriates of Glencore, and at the same time closely supervising Defensive Driving training sessions with the local drivers of Glencore in BADILA, here were his words ‘Now I feel more confident and secure each time I will be strapped in the passenger seat of a Glencore car and I know this goes same for my close collaborators because I know our drivers are well versed with the 5seeing habits and are putting all into practice hence zero accidents. I am also reassured my close collaborators (expats), those with whom we participated in the training session will know just how to drive on laterite safely once they get allocated service cars’.


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