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GDF SUEZ just signed a training contract with NOIAA

GDF SUEZ, the global energy player and an expert operator in the three key sectors of electricity, just signed a training contract with NOIAA LTD. a subsidiary of NOIAA CORP based In Houston Texas.

with a diverse portfolio of gas supply options, a flexible low-CO2emissions power generating base, and unique expertise in four key sectors: independent power generation, liquefied natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The first phase of this collaboration started in late February 2015 with Defensive Driving Training (DDT) for all their Drivers including Management team.

This important Group that offers high-performance, innovative solutions to personal customers, urban authorities and companies, has gone through a very serious screening process before entrusting its personnel safety trainings to NOIAA. This can be verify by the below testimonies from some of their Executives.

“We decided to use NOIAA not because it is an international recognized company but simple because of the expertise and the information’s we gathered from the investigations we carried out in other Africa countries where they are implanted and Cameroon “Ginette AKOMO NDANA, Executive “I will attend the second session of the DDT, including our Managing Director. I have decided to keep a very good relation with this company ; is unbelievable as l didn’t know we have such a great company like this here in Africa and most especially in Cameroon that has trained Cameroonian that have become instructors” Bruno NGATCHOU attest of this based on feedback received from his colleagues we trained in the first phase.


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